High Value, High Return

Dr.Delatorro always seems to deliver. He models the excellence that he preaches and teaches. So much value and insight. The thing I love the most is that he always delivers actionable steps that you can take right where you are at to experience immediate results in your life. You are tuned into the right energy. Like, Subscribe, Share

Powerful and Thought Provoking!

Such a powerful, motivating and thought provoking show! A must have and save for anyone looking to excel. Thank you!


Brilliant show with eye-opening, life- renewing, mind-elevating conversations!


Absolutely powerful episodes! Thank you Delatorro!


I had to give this a 5 star rating in my title! Delatorro is on to something with this podcast. The information he shares is insightful and worth listening to. He makes it easy for his listeners to understand which helps with application. Not only is Crushing Life with Delatorro content rich, the production is also on point! I’m not surprised as he used the same skills, talents, and techniques on his reality show The Keynote. The use of the Can I See You in the Cellar segment shows how creative his mind is. All I can say is buckle up and get ready for what else he will bring! Job well done Delatorro. - Coach Nrgy ⚡️


What a transformational show! This show has so many awesome elements baked into it. Each episode of Crushing Life with Delatorro packs a massive punch. Each one is like it’s own virtual seminar! Get a journal and prepare to take notes, but more importantly take ACTION on what he teaches and you WILL succeed! Both the solo episodes and guest episodes offer so much VALUE. This is a MUST EXPERIENCE Show!

Required Listening for Goal Oriented People!

This is the content you need to keep you on task to acheive your dreams. Authentically honest and impactful, Delatorro brings the heartfelt quality motivation you need to not give up! Having been blessed by his speaker training, I can tell you that he is personally invested in providing the knowledge and the tools to help people crush life and operate in a state of peak performance!

Motivation for high performers

Delatorro is one of the greatest motivational speakers in the world and has volumes of wisdom and stories to reach anyone. The podcast is excellent while working out or for those who have a burning desire to accomplish a big dream or goal!

Inspiring and Impactful!

This new podcast is absolutely incredible, amongst other things. Life changing and relevant content, powerfully delivered each second of every episode. I’m definitely inspired to get better each day as a result of listening to Del’s dynamic delivery. Super excited and blessed to be crushing life together with “CrushNation!l”

Passionate and Powerful!!!

By far this is one of the best content Podcast out here! Delatorro over delivers with his insight, information, and inspiration! I found myself taking both physical and mental notes all throughout the show! Looking forward to more episodes and seasons.

Del Gets It Right

Crushing Life is EASILY my favorite new podcast. Del’s story is awesome from the first minute of Episode 1 and he doesn’t let off the gas until the very last minute. BRILLIANTLY motivating content - I can’t wait to hear more!

A Needed Voice

Delatorro has a unique ability to inspire, educate, and challenge in one listening. Each episode pushes me to “walk fast”, but also causes me to be more intentional and reflective. It is this wonderful mix of stories and lessons that make this show a must listen. Keep ‘em coming Mr. Delatorro.


Delatorro consistently OVERdelivers usable and immediately applicable content on a consistent basis. This will be one of my go to podcasts on the regular. HIGHLY recommended!!

Captain Delatorro

Del is a Superhero in real life and in persona .. Amazing life content, which never ever disappoints.. You will be “binging” on this podcast and be pulling over to take notes. Please don’t drink coffee while listening, or you may be so jacked up you’ll drive past your destination, as I did twice , to just keep listening —Todd Saylor -

The Value of giving Del 1 hour of Your life

Del has done it again! I’ve followed Delatorro for years and I can’t begin to explain the value his wisdom has had in my life. It’s amazing that we can now have him for FREE in a podcast. The depth of his insights on success cannot be undervalued; if you implement Del’s teachings in whatever you’re doing, you will get where you’re trying to go! Grateful again to be connected to such a great mind!

Otis Robinson

This is a podcast for anyone looking to improve their level of living. In normal Delatorro fashion, you will extract tons of wisdom and knowledge from someone who is not afraid to share his experience to see positive change in others.


This podcast is such a blessing! The information that God has strategically downloaded in Delatorro throughout the years is very resourceful to me! I am grabbing a hold to every wisdom nugget that he drops and I am watching my life TRANSFORM! Each episode gets higher and higher! Delatorro, thank you for reaching back and helping others get on track for success! When I hear you speak, I think of how selfless you are! This quote makes me think of you, “You may be a tree in your own right, but you won’t be as profitable unless you bear good fruit for others to partake.” Thank you for your sacrifice, your push, your drive, and your zeal in helping your listeners and followers be ALL God has called us to be. I pray God that what you pour out is consistently multiplied back 100 fold!! Be blessed!


Being in the personal growth field I’ve had the opportunity to see and hear many speakers . Delatorro has been one of my favorites for years . Loved the podcast the tips and strategies where amazing plus every time hear Delatorro he gets me so fired up !

A Podcast To Help You Crush Life

Excited Del has a podcast. Now, we can carry him right in our pockets on our phones. Looking forward to crushing it every week, as I’m inspired by the upcoming episodes of Crushing life with Delatorro.

So many gems...

Delatorro is humble and heart-centered with a passion for helping others transform their lives. He drops so many gems that you leave with a treasure chest of education, motivation, inspiration, and actionable steps that you can apply IMMEDIATELY to your life.

The Maestro Speaks

When Delatorro opens his mouth it’s like waiting for Christmas morning. You know something is under the tree for you and it’s gonna be good! His podcasts will be among the top 5 most listened to in the world inside of 18 months. Provocative. Inspirational. Informative. Transformative - all in under an hour. It’s a master class conducted by a Maestro. Only Delatorro can be better than Delatorro; he’s in a class unto himself.

Great podcast!

This was an amazing podcast! It was extremely inspirational and Delatorro gave so many gems. I am looking forward to the upcoming podcasts.

Proud Member of Crush Nation

This podcast checks all the boxes. It is equal parts inspirational, motivational, and kick you in the pants to get you going. Delatorro has come up with a great format that helps the podcast progress with a nice flow. It is packed with powerful, yet practical information. Del’s smooth voice is easy on the ears also. One just can’t go wrong with this one. Subscribe today!

Exciting Grand Slam

I haven’t been this excited about a podcast for a looonnnnng time. Delatorro absolutely and passionately follows his own rules when presenting. His laughter and energy are contagious. The fact that he laughs at his own jokes during a solo podcast is the best. I love the post credits “Easter Egg” - it was super creative and energizing. It was a jammed packed hour of substance. What spoke to me most was overcoming yourself - don’t compare yourself with others. Be the best you. Thank you DM. You Rock

Crushing Life with Delatorro

Wow! So much incredible content, I was blown away. Found myself laughing out loud and repeating mantras Del shared that just stuck in my head like zingers! If you want the truth about what it takes to create true personal and professional success this is a must follow podcast. I’m sharing it with all my friends!

Crushing life w/Delatorro

I’ve seen him, I have worked with him, I’ve trained with him and I find him to be extraordinarily brilliant. He’s a coaches coach and a trainers trainer! This podcast will teach you as if you’re right there with him. I love this podcast and I highly recommend it if you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur.

This is an absolute game changer!

Truly one of the most transparent, inspiring, and motivating podcast that has help set me on fire and take it to the next level of excellence! I dare you to start your day off fresh listening to Delatoro. I did and it put me on a course to CRUSH life moving forward on all cylinders. Let’s Go🚀😆

Absolutely fantastic!!!

Del has done it again. The Stage Crusher himself is now crushing the mic with a phenomenal podcast that empowers, enlightens and entertains listeners. I strongly recommend putting this podcast in your rotation. Barrett Matthews Media Boss Pros